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. all signs point towards nice weather on the coast, we will explain next time out on the khou channel 11 news. complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is khou channel 11 news. well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is november 13th, i am dave clark. >> what is the weather going to be like, steve? >> well, inland areas, 60s, we start off with mostly clear skies, highs today mostly clear skies, here is sal.
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>> everything looks good no major problems heading out to the mace and to the toll plaza. and make sure you know today is not going to be light like it was yesterday, it is 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. a family is devastated from a fatal police shooting that left a 22-year-old dead. here is more on why they opened fire. here is more. >> reporter: police have identified the marine fromsan jose. now his father told the media in palm springs his son did serve in afghanistan and he was about to finish his tour in two months. early saturday morning police heard yelling from a parking garage and when they approached a car, there were two men
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inside and they heard der rogatory -- they heard nasty comments. one was partially hanging out of the window and they fired their weapons fearing for their safety. they are expected to be okay and we are trying to gather more information about him and where he went to school here. his family drove to palm springs to find out more information. he and his father told the media his son was out saturday night because he was celebrating the marine corp's birthday. we hope to find out more as the morning goes on, jeanine della vega, khou channel 11 news. we have learned more about a scandal involving general david petraeus which now involves yet another high ranking official. general john allan, the top
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commander is now under investigation for reportedly exchanging inappropriate e- mails with a woman linked to the general david petraeus scandal. the defense department official said there are 20,000 pages of e-mails between them. they didn't say if they were sexual in nature. now overnight a spokesperson for the defense secretary, leon panetta said general allan had done nothing wrong. >> the secretary directed that the matter be directed to the department of defense for investigation and it is now in the hands of the inspector general. >> general allan right now is in washington d.c. and was supposed to appear to be at a hearing for the commander
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forces that hearing has now been on hold. it is the latest fall out stemming from our ktvu investigation which uncovered questionable spending here is more. good morning allie. >> reporter: we are at jack london square and as you mentioned, omar benjamin announced his resignation yesterday and in that letter he explains he is stepping down because of questionable expense reimbursements and he goes on to say they present obstacles to great to overcome. now include ago 4,500-dollar cab at uh-huh tonight strip club, that was paid for with
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public money by port director james won. benjamin stepped down, he announced he was retiring with that letter of resignation he filed yesterday and now that benjamin is no longer in the picture, he will oversee port operations. she used to be the acting director of the oakland airport which is part of the port of oakland. now coming up, we will have more on this investigation that led up to this resignation and we will have that for new about half an hour. live at the port of oakland, khou channel 11 news. in overnight, a man is recovering after being shot. police say the man was shot in the arm but is expected to
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survive. witnesses told investigators the shooter walked up to the victim and opened fire. no arrests have been made and police have not released a suspect description. a man is charged with several sexual assaults. he is accused of attacking three women late last year and early this year. he could get life in prison if convicted on all counts. during that time he presented a prosecution. they spoke with president barack obama about ways to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. he is getting information from all see -- sides which are due to take a fact at the end of the year. and after a seven week
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break, ultimately it will be up to lawmakers to keep from going over that fiscal cliff. it will have to be before january 1st. and they are considering a proposal to raise fees for students who repeat classes or take too long to graduate. it will help the system avoid several cuts. but students say the proposed hike would unfairly punish them. time now 5:07, you are watching daily city, why? >> because there is a water- main break there, and a little while ago, we found out about it, it is on the hillside park neighborhood of daily city.
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pretty significant in that neighborhood, it would not surprise me that some are on the way. a rather significant break and it is not a major street not affecting a major freeway but could affect the streets nearby let's go westbound, there is no big backup, coming into san francisco, clear weather and i will let steve elaborate on that. that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. 508, steve. >> yes, other locations are in the city, today we start off cold for some it will be mild for others and warm for everybody. a few high clouds, by the weekend cloudy skies rain is on the way, light rain starting
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friday heavy rain comes in sunday into mondayment we will top out tomorrow especially from half-moon bay, santa cruz, 60s and 70s you can see right where everything is going under a over. you get a lot of -- going up and over. you get a lot of those. also santa rosa, overall i know the days are very, very shot. i know it gets dark soon. eventually breeze means it is not too bad by the coast. the city is warmer than antioch and 73 and it could be some
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late rain friday and we will have warm rain on saturday, a cold system arrives sunday into monday but it is on its way. >> oh, boy. a bay area neighborhood is known for its food, why san francisco is being told to ban restaurants for at least a year. two snowboarders, westbound 24, it's not a bad drive at all, westbound 24 looks good all the way to the 580 interchange. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese...
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. welcome back, we are tracking a water-main break, more more has more. >> reporter: water has been gushing down four blocks here. we are on the corner and bonnie is where it happened. we understand from police and fire this is actually a water tank that perhaps the tank itself has given way or some of the pipes leading to it have broken and again there are gallons and gallons of water coming down the street. it looks like sewerage but it is not. it is just other debris mixed
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with the water. it looks like the 200 block is right -- is here right now and they have several blocks so folks can't get through and they are trying to get folks out of the area as we understand where this particular break happened, the hillside is giving way and they are just falling down. this is a lot more serious than just a water-main break. we will be talking with police and fire and bring you more information as soon as we can get it. khou channel 11 news. new this morning, chaos spreading in the area of syria, they are spreading for a second day near the border of turkey. we are told at least one person has died. yesterday 20 more people were
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killed in air strikes in this same area. the violence has killed more than 36,000 people since the uprising in march of last year. and now in washington state, they will try for a second time to reach two snowboarders. the bad weather forced the rescuers to back off. these snowboarders became lost as they were coming down from a storm. park officials say they were able to build a snow cave to get shelter from the cold. they are hoping to put pressure on lawmakers and avoid this so called fiscal cliff. and in washingtond.c. newsroom, here is the campaign,
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jacqueline? they want the president to come up with a measure he sees fit. he is kicking off meetings centering around the problems facing the nation. spending cuts will go into effect at the beginning of the year unless congress acts. they want lawmakers to raise taxes on the wealthy and tomorrow the president will meet with business executives, many romney supporters and they are setting the tone about what he wants to happen during this lame duck session. coming up, they will let us know what the republicans think about the president's plan, khou channel 11 news. the time is now 5:16, some business owners want them to prevent more from valencia street. they want them impose a one year moratorium between 16th
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and 24th streets. the business owners in the san francisco mission district say there are so many restaurants and they have discouraged daytime shopping. you are looking at video here from 2010. 16 restaurants on a three block stretch just since last spring... right now checking on traffic, more more is on the scene of that water-main break, as you heard we will hear more from her coming up and they have to be evacuated there. let's look at the commute on 24 westbound coming to the tunnel, no major problems, traffic is looking good between walnut creek and oakland. we will have more people and it is only 5:17 and we'll see some people coming up to the toll plaza. if you are driving from hayward
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to freemont, that is a nice drive, thank you steve. mostly clear skies, there is a little bit of a cloud deck, temperatures will be coming up, there is a hint of an easterly breeze, and napa, 63, come land 68 and gilroy was 70 yesterday, i am jumping them up, from 64 to 70s, there is a huge difference in some temperatures. 30s inland and yet 50s very mild. sunshine lots of warmer weather today, snow track lists until friday. it will be warmer yet some of the warmer temperatures will be closest to the coast. we will start to see an increase in a lot of these
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clouds. sunny weather and nothing too strong yet, but a cold morning and 60s, low-to-mid to upper for everybody and if you get a north wind, there is 70s for some, especially santa clara valley. now some clouds start to kick in, could be some off and on rain sunday and monday. investors are increasing over worries. taiwan was down 2%, china and australia finished the day less than 1% each. they are down to a lower opening for nasdaq and the s&p 500 and one increased its estimate for the year and home
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depot is part of the dow jones industrial average. the next chief executive is leaving just two weeks after the launch. his departure was unexpected and neither he for microsoft gave any explanation. one baltimore ravens player says several raiders players are supporting him on a very important issue.
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. baltimore ravens linebacker told tmz said several raiders spoke to him before the game. they said they were happy maryland legalized gay marriage and congratulated him for working on marriage equate -- equality. by the way he went to high school in santa cruz. and tomorrow night, the san jose sports hall of fame will try to bring it back, steve bartkowski will be inducted
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into the hall of fame. he was also the nfl's draft pick by atlanta. now other local at let's include auto racing pioneer walter ribs. many are on strike... that includes about 70 people at the columbia bow bread factory in oakland. they are upset that a court ordered them to take pay and benefit cuts after the company filed for bankruptcy this year. they say they should not have to pay a price for the way they handle their businesses but the company could be forced out of business. >> if the strike continues, we will be facing liquidation of the entire company in a matter of days not weeks. >> some people are turning away
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from bakery treats. if they survive the strikes they will continue to make twin kiss but add -- twin can is but an a line of organic bread. they may feel pressure to end the strike before thanksgiving shopping but they may want their workers to have paychecks in time for the upcoming holidays. neither side is saying how talks are going. 5:25 well something really special is happening at the wild west animal preserve. they reported that a heard of cattle have taken in a wild boor pig let. he apparently wandered in from the surrounding hills and he is getting bigger and bigger from nursing from the cattle right
5:26 am
alongside the young cavs. things are happening with our commute this morning. >> yesterday, we had that holiday and we are seeing more traffic out there. let's look at the commute with the south bay. northbound 280, that traffic looks good and westbound 287, that traffic looks good, we still don't have a lot of traffic. sunole grade, that traffic is looking good as you pass mission boulevard, let's go to steve. temperatures on the coast, it is not that bad with an easterly breeze. 60s and few so 70s, overall 70s. >> for hundreds of gamers out
5:27 am
there, the wait is over. look at those faces. we will tell you which game they were waiting for and why it is called one of the biggest games in history. >> he did a better job at turn out which is important if you want to win an election. >> paul ryan is reap acting to the loss of the presidential campaign and why he said the mitt romney campaign was stunned by the outcome of the election. dozens of people are being forced to evacuate from their homes after a suspected water- main break, we will have the latest coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. good morning, i am pam cook, 5:30, steve paulson is joining us, how is the weather? it does look cloudy with some rain, i will have more on that coming up. 60s to near 70 degrees, here is sal. crossing 880 it continues to look good all the way to 101 and this morning we are looking at san jose all the way to downtown we are off to a good start, let's go back to the desk. we are tracking breaking news out of daily city where flooding has forced dozens to evacuate. more more is on the scene of a
5:31 am
water-main break, tara? >> reporter: well dozens of people are evacuating with the water just gushing down the hillside. the break is off of la zane avenue. water is pouring down bringing tons of debris and mud with it. police and fire crews are here and they say some trees have fallen off the hillside at the basketball courts at the park up there and car tires are stuck in the mud and it appears there was some sort of leak or pipes bursting at the water tank so again, just seeping dozens of gallons of water and police and fire are trying to get a handle on it. i spoke to them and they say once they saw it was on its way they are trying to get things under control and they have
5:32 am
city blocks cordoned off and if you live in the area, you may want to avoid it and wherever you see players go in the opposite direction. moore moore -- more more khou channel 11 news -- tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news news. in that he is stepping down because of questionable expense reimbursements. this all stems from ktvu
5:33 am
investigation into actions paid for with questionable expenses. he approved the bill and according to him, he was present at the strip club that night. they hired an outside law firm to investigate. they will serve as acting director and he was appointed to the airport. they are an independent department which oversees not just the airport but london square. they have a regularly scheduled meeting on thursday and according to officials they are supposed to be discussing at that meeting some of their over sites regarding expense reimbursements and so we will find out more about that later this week and we hope to speak to somebody about the leadership changes that
5:34 am
happened last night. live in oakland allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are expected to vote on the district's policy on child abuse and prevention. she said she was abused by two teenagers in the '90s and she is suing the district and former administrators a lenting they ignored their claims. two other students have filed lawsuits against the district. a morgan hill woman accused of abandoning her daughter after shoplifting is scheduled for a hearing today. she pled guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. she asked her 10-year-old daughter to shop list and abandoned her when employees
5:35 am
intervened. she could face up to 10 years in prison. i think we lost because the president did a better job of getting his voters to the polls. he did a better job at turnout and that's important if you want to win the election. >> ryan toes say he and mitt romney were surprised by the results of the election and said losing never feels good. president barack obama may be asking senator john kerry to be his next defense secretary. the president is considering a rearrangement of his national security team. according to reports, kerry would prefer to be secretary of state but that job will almost positively be offered to suzanne rice. the president was elected to a second term and at least
5:36 am
two want to leave the united states. we will tell you more about a petition that is hitting the white house and what several states are demanding from the president. in overnight news, they braved the cold weather getting their hands on one of the hottest games of the year. this was the scene in san francisco where 400 people were lined up on market street. they were there for the new call of duty block operations 2 and -- black ops 2. >> i seen some of it and i really liked it so i came to buy it. >> some came as early as 5:30 to get their hands on the game. >> also out in antioch, dozens
5:37 am
of people came to get that game and according to a survey, one in four people are expected to call in sick today to now play their new game. >> and we will know why. we just had a crash on 580, i want to put this out there and one road is blocked in fact i am reading this off the screen here and the person involved in the accident has been flown -- or they are flying that person to a hospital in modesto. this is a sig alert and if you are coming in, a lot of that traffic is not getting through because of that serious crash and it looks like it will be
5:38 am
there for a bit. 580 patterson road, this is your commute or perhaps think ahead and say this is severe. traffic is moving along relatively well. according to bay bridge traffic, traffic is moving well. steve? all right, good mornings a little bit of light rain and up to cent city. not much about a 10th of an inch and that's where the storm track stays until the end of the week, until the end of the week. it will be warmer by the coast, there is 'easterly breeze and it is looking good for november. cloudy skies start and we will
5:39 am
ease into it and we have a 15 tie outlook so we'll see how it shapes up. santa chris, why 74, because they are getting an easterly breeze and santa cruz should be nice. 40s and 50s for some. even oakland is at 48 so if you are by the coast, everything stays to the north for a while. there is three different model solutions, all of them have projections for when the rain starts, i take it with a grain of salt. they are bringing high clouds on wednesday, i don't buy that at all but i do buy it on thursday. it will paint a little bit of rain thursday into friday and that's one, the other two take it further south.
5:40 am
we'll see. and an easterly breeze develops to near 70 degrees and where is that? towards santa cruz. it looks good clouds start to roll in friday, some very light rain, the weekend not looking the best and it will be cloudy with rain developing. an all out search for a missing daily city boy, it comes to an end and he has apologized to his very worried father. super storm sandy maybe reason for a spike in crime. we will tell you more about problems in 580 on livermore valley.
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. good morning ,it is going to be sunny and warmer high #0s to near 07. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, we have breaking news coming out of daily city. it is forcing many to evacuate right now. it is happening in the area filling a four block area and again this is in daily city. we will bring you more details as we get more information. antigen allan -- and general allan, he is now under an investigation for an inappropriate relationship with jill kelly.
5:44 am
he sparked that investigation into general david petraeus and his biographer. and marine is now dead after a police shooting in palm springs. he was shot and killed after police say he would not pull over. he drove into a police officer and tried to drive away with another police officer hanging from his car window. and sandy led to a crime spike in new york city. the 101st precinct in far rockaway was the hardest hit with zero burglaries. spouts fans are doing what they can -- sports fans are doing what they can to help with cold weather gear and blankets and diapers.
5:45 am
>> every day we are so lucky to have a home with electricity and plumbing. i just hope they can rebuild quickly. >> they organized a volunteer effort after seeing this from back where he is from. a church will distribute that. reportedly people in 20 states have filed a petition with the white house asking to be removed from the united states so they can create a new government. california is not one of those states. 17 of the states have filed the petition voted for mitt romney in the presidential election. if a petition meets 2 5,000 signatures they will make a response to this. people signing this is more than 3 5,000. an 11-year-old daily city
5:46 am
boy reported missing is back home today. his father was reunited with him. he called police after learning he never showed up at the home of a friend. it turns out he went to a different friend's home. he said he didn't want to call his father because he was afraid he would not be allowed to stay. his father had no idea they were -- the boy had no idea they were searching for him. >> reporter: well police were able to track him down after his school gave that information. he promised he would never do this again. a man is found unconscious in a union city garbage can.
5:47 am
she discovered joshua perez. police say the woman knew perez and he often stayed at her home from time to time. there was no obvious sign of trauma but alcohol may have been a factor in his death. right now police are still investigating this as suspicious. it happened at about 4:30 at bancroft and church street near the east mall. they drove away from the shooting scene and the car was later found at a wall greens store. one of the victims is said to be in critical condition. they will release installation of cameras and here is some of the 30 cameras along the mcdonald corridor in 2008. now the a.c.l.u. toes not like these cameras and
5:48 am
they say it is an invasion of privacy and rarely cuts back on crime. the east bay needs to boost ridership if they are going to sweat subsidies. the service receives about 2. 7 million from the metropolitan commission. they are giving them three years to continue to get that money and they need as many as four times of riders to meet those standards. and there is trfic on the pass. >> there is. >> dave and pam, there is a serious crash near the parkway. this crash occurred 45 minutes ago and most directions are slow eastbound and westbound. both directions have been
5:49 am
blocked. now the traffic is coming in from the pass from highway 205 and it's just a big mess. the only up side if there is any at all is that people who were driving west of the crash, they are not seeing the usual level of traffic because they are stuck. you might want to get out there before everybody else does and they are heading out to dublin west. eastbound is also affected. they are clearing certain lanes and this is just a big mess in that area. we have a little bit of a backup in some of those outside lanes. and the morning commute is getting busier however it's not stop and go. let's go to steve. san rafael, unofficially at 32 and 49 in downtown oakland, we are getting an easterly breeze and it's cold inland. it will be warmer with
5:50 am
temperatures warming up with 70s by part of the coast with that easterly breeze. lots of sun it will be a little warmer to you to the about it will be there. look at dips in the temperatures, 50s to 30s. i have seen 53 degrees at china beach and 30s in ocean bay. a few high clouds in the north bay but overall warmer temperatures and today we top it out on wednesday and we will keep an eye out to the west for clouds coming in. a cold morning inland and a breeze is not too bad. warmer temperatures up to mendocino county and warmer
5:51 am
temperatures for almost everybody, we will take it into wednesday and the timing on the rain is brutal. eventually it will make it and it will be hit and miss on friday. with your weekend in view it could be moderate sunday and monday. they are keeping up with their mortgage payments. the percentage of two or more fell to 541%. it is the lowest number in more than three years how they consider less than two% normal. toys-r-us is among the latest to say it will open thanksgiving night. k-mart plans to open 6:00 thanks give being morning stay open until 4:00 in the afternoon, take a dinner break,
5:52 am
then it will reopen and stay open until friday morning. they are returning items for toys through its group on section. they must way less than a 100 pounds. they will focus on manicures and restaurant meals. well, he is in hiding but now he is talking. what one of the pioneers is saying about being accused of murder. and what are the chances of the quarterbacks playing in the next game? click on the live icon, you can watch all of the newscasts live on our smart phone. you can be connected any time
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eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. . good morning, we will all end up with warmer temperatures. in belize, they want to question john mcphee. they are calling him a person
5:56 am
of interest on the death of a man who was found shot to death. mcphee and fall had a history of conflicts. he told them he had nothing to do with the death of his neighbor but he said he will not speak to belize -- police in belize willingly because they are out to get him. neighbored pointed out the house involvement about a week and a half ago, four people were injured in a shooting involving that same gang. things are looking better a after a cop dug. it has improved and he was
5:57 am
scheduled to see a in yourologist and even -- neurologist and even threw a touchdown. he will have to be cleared before he plays against the chicago bears. sal, how are the details on traffic? i will put it on the map here, we have a sig alert, a lot of slowed traffic and as a result of the other side of the trash shall a lot of people but there is also a problem, let's go back to the desk. first on the scene, earlier this hour, i want to show you live pictures we are looking at, a huge massive problem, it is causing evac wakes in daily city. a marine was shot and
5:58 am
killed in dahly city, what police say he did that forced them to open fire. good morning, its mild and police are looking into more information.
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